Ratoncito Pérez

I was lis­ten­ing to How to Do Every­thing today and they men­tioned some­thing about the “Tooth Mouse”, a Euro­pean take on what we know in West­ern cul­tures as the Tooth Fairy.

Accord­ing to Wikipedia:

As is tra­di­tional in some English-speaking coun­tries, when a child loses a tooth it is cus­tom­ary for him or her to place it under the pil­low, so that Ratoncito Pérez will exchange it for a gift.

What the mouse does with the teeth is anyone’s guess but the tra­di­tional answer is that the mouse uses it for its tooth house. That’s right, a tiny house made from the loose teeth of chil­dren, which in my mind con­jures a hor­rific image.

The next time one of my kids loses a tooth I’m just going to change things up a bit and say Ratoncito Pérez is on his way.

The illusion of life

The 12 basic prin­ci­ples of ani­ma­tion were devel­oped by the ‘old men’ of Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie John­ston, dur­ing the 1930s. This movie is my per­sonal take on those prin­ci­ples, applied to sim­ple shapes. Like a cube.