Ohana means family


Artist Heather Theurer brings Disney’s Lilo & Stitch to life.

I love the look of ado­ra­tion and the sub­tle tie-in to the world with the polaroid in the background.


About a week or so ago I bought a new sty­lus called the The Jot Pro and since then have been exper­i­ment­ing with sketch­ing on the iPad with it.

While it does hap­pen to be one of the bet­ter sty­luses on the mar­ket I still don‘t like the lack of tac­tile feedback.

To prove how well it works I decided to use the app Pro­cre­ate to time-lapse record a sketch.

Here‘s the result of that ses­sion with sooth­ing musi­cal overlay:

Spotlight: Carsten Bradley

Bat­tle of Britain: Secret of the Dragon’s Eye by Carsten Bradley

The work of illus­tra­tor Carsten Bradley speaks for itself. It’s not only beau­ti­ful but also cap­tures the essence of imag­i­na­tion & wonder.

Bat­tle of Britain: Secret of the Dragon’s Eye (shown above) is prob­a­bly one of my favorites from his Deviantart port­fo­lio.

Turning 33

Even though I’ve had a birth­day to look for­ward to once a year, I’ve never really paid much atten­tion to the weeks/days lead­ing up to it. Mostly because I’m still con­vinced that I haven’t aged beyond 18 and turn­ing into what­ever age you have become always sounded so strange to me.

Per­son: “Hey, so you’re turn­ing 33? Good for you, pal.”

I’m not even sure if my imag­i­nary per­son I’m hav­ing this con­ver­sa­tion with would actu­ally say pal, but indulge me for a bit.

Me: “Yep, well, I guess so. Haven’t put much thought into it.”

Per­son: “You know what they say about turn­ing dou­ble digits?”

Me: “No. I don’t.”

Per­son: “Me nei­ther, actu­ally, I just for­got where I was going with that. Any­ways, congrats.”

Instead of men­tion­ing that I’m turn­ing 33, I think I’m just going to say I’ve some­how “turned” 11, three times now.

And many more.