Sketching on the iPhone & We are Groot

If I’m in the mood for dig­i­tal sketch­ing on a mobile device I will usu­ally default to using Paper.

Lately I haven’t been car­ry­ing the iPad around as much because, to be hon­est, some of the nov­elty has worn off.

From time to time I still like to “fin­ger paint” so when Apple recently fea­tured Sketch­book Mobile for iPhone on the App Store I grabbed it.

Sketch­book Mobile for iPhone is sim­i­lar to its desk­top coun­ter­part and, much to my sur­prise, doesn’t feel com­pletely stripped down.

And now my first offi­cial sketch with Sketch­book Mobile; Groot, a char­ac­ter from Guardians of the Galaxy: