Road to Perdition


Every so often when I’m watch­ing a movie I get the urge to sketch, to cap­ture that par­tic­u­lar moment in the film.

As I was watch­ing Road to Perdi­tion the other night I quickly grabbed a note­book, one usu­ally reserved for actual note tak­ing and sketched this from one of the many piv­otal scenes in the movie, this one show­ing the main char­ac­ter and his son trav­el­ing to Chicago.

I hope to do more of these, in this style, over time and shar­ing them and hope­fully next time I’ll use higher qual­ity mate­ri­als, but that said I feel as though some of the charm is attrib­uted to the lo-fi feel of it.

  • Zach Inglis

    This is beau­ti­ful! Great work.

    And I do agree, the lo-fi is part of the charm.

    Per­haps try doing mixed? Like the sub­ject a bit more hi-fi and then the back­ground a bit lo-fi?