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Erik is a father, writer, illus­tra­tor, web designer and voice tal­ent who cur­rently resides with his wife and tiny off­spring in Rochester, New York.

His tal­ents and achieve­ments include win­ning many design awards as Graph­ics Edi­tor for an award-winning col­lege news­pa­per, View­points. He works for AOL Tech, as a Visual Designer, doing what he loves best; web design and being cre­ative, moti­vated, driven.

This site is a mind meld of thoughts, obser­va­tions and arti­cles deal­ing with the cre­ative and imag­i­na­tive aspects of life.


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Switch­ing to the First Person…

This is a per­sonal site and my writ­ing doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily rep­re­sent the thoughts, actions or feel­ings of any other third-party (unless stated oth­er­wise) includ­ing my employer.

I love dis­cussing cur­rent events, movies, games and any­thing related to the 80s era.

Media Praise

My buddy Kar­tooner intro­duced me to his buddy sThig, and they both intro­duced me to the wild world of com­puter art. Now I knew Kar­tooner was tal­ented, and I could tell sThig was pretty spiffy him­self. But when you really dive into their world, they make you feel like a two-year-old with a box of knobby crayons. Man, I would give my for­est green (or burnt sienna) for the skills these cats have. — Lock­ergnome , Web­mas­ter Weekly

I’d like to thank you for fea­tur­ing the PUPHEDZ on kartooner.com. In look­ing through your site I was delighted to find ‘Sidev­ille’. Your work looks ter­rific. I hope it’s com­ing along well. It cer­tainly sounds ambi­tious, and I know how dif­fi­cult it can be to make progress on an ‘indie’ project of that nature. I wish you the best of luck. — Jur­gen Heimann, spe­cial effects engi­neer for var­i­ous Hol­ly­wood productions